SEW102: Course introduces more complex sewing instructions, how to select appropriate fabric for a project, and how to set up the sewing machine to handle that fabric. Overlock/serger machines will be introduced and students will complete a project of their choosing. Students will demonstrate their ability to adjust sewing machines to accommodate various fabrics, including needle selection, stitch variation, thread selection and proper finishes. Students will demonstrate knowledge of commercial patterns and basic pattern adjustments.

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IND201: Course introduces industrial sewing machines and basic production techniques. Lessons will focus on sewing technique and accuracy. Students will demonstrate their ability to thread and operate industrial 3 thread and 4 thread overlock machines, single needle machines and coverstitch machines. Typical projects for this class include a simple stretch knit garment like a tank top (to demonstrate the benefit of stretch seams), quilted placemats and headbands.

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IND204: Course builds on the skills needed to use industrial sewing machines and to follow basic commercial production techniques. Lessons will include basic routine machine maintenance and more complex projects. Students must demonstrate their ability to thread and operate (in addition to 3 thread and 4 thread overlock machines, single needle machines and coverstitch machines) the walking foot and the blind hemmer. In addition students shall show their ability to apply and to use attachments and guides. Typical projects for this class: a top with set in sleeves and blind hem, pants or shorts with inserted elastic, and a market bag with binding.

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Sewing School

The Collective Thread is expanding our current sewing school to provide needed skills training and employment opportunities to immigrant and refugee women in St. Louis by adding commercial sewing classes to our current curriculum. We will provide industrial sewing training for 60 women per year, who will have employment opportunities at identified businesses in need of sewers in St. Louis.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we were forced to adjust our class schedule. Stay tuned as we develop a new schedule for late 2020 and early 2021.

Changing Lives Through Connection, Learning and Understanding

Celebrate our differences and support the diversity of our city

St. Louis is a diverse city, as evidenced by the variety of restaurants you can find in just a small area. You can find Ethiopian, Mexican, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Moroccan, Persian and others on one street alone. Our city is home to many nationalities, including a growing population from East Africa. Many of these immigrants are women struggling to support themselves and their families.

A strong economy is built on diversity. Support that diversity by helping local immigrants to make a living wage in St. Louis.

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Find out how The Collective Thread Impacts our Community

When you donate to our nonprofit, we're able to provide essential services to a vulnerable population. Many times, preconceived ideas cause us to be fearful or frustrated with those from another culture. Instead, let's provide the necessary support for our new friends to thrive. Your donation will help with:

  • Scholarships available for beginner sewing classes
  • Intermediate on the job sewing training¬†
  • Apprentice Management Program¬†
  • Social Services¬†

By working together and supporting one another, we create a stronger society. Your generous donation will help women to support themselves and contribute to our local economy.